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plex back. enjoy. let me know if u have issues.

plex server down today. upgrading this week.

To understand Folding, your perineum changes to drive torque into the diaphragm, moving the ribs in a specific way... Return to the basics of each exercise to check to see where to direct your focus for each mental model and movement primitive.

Very cool!
See how the brain wobbles with each heartbeat in incredible new videos | Live Science

@joeynishad i viewed your video. done slowly the punches are ok. if you do fast, your alignments and internal imbalance will damage your joints. looks like fun stuff.

reminder: ucb live beginner's class starts in 8 minutes. daylight savings time.

I’ve completed the ‘Warming Breath’. By separating bones and meat, using the 5 movement primitives the breath can keep you comfortable. @Michael_Young See the class archive from Sunday’s lesson. - Cold tolerance

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