Attempting to make some biochar/terra preta for a garden next year. This is the charcoal part. Next, I'll mix it with compost. I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes.

Outside of YouTube this is now the only social media I'm on. I deleted Facebook and Instagram.

Very cool!
See how the brain wobbles with each heartbeat in incredible new videos | Live Science

I am so friggin sore! Lol! I've apparently over done it with the exercise where we tip the diaphragm to pull through the perineum. My entire belt line is sore, particularly on the left.

Thank you, Sifu and Patrick for a great and challenging training session! @imklg

Interesting vibrations in my abdomen for the last week or so ever since training with Sifu last week and being reminded about softness and our approach to train the feel of the bones. I have made the mat work my best friend and the gravity stretch in long sitting is fantastic, obviously. I get lots of this visceral quivering/vibration while doing it. Today, while doing that stretch, my body started to gently rock me side up side less than a quarter inch. It was interesting.

Ever get cramps around your knees where there aren't really muscles? Lol

Great training tonight with @imklg and Patrick! Thank you so much!

A sketch a did several weeks ago showing how I am experiencing the couple's.

I've heard some say that if you do standing training correctly it's get more difficult as you progress instead of less. If it gets easier then you're doing something wrong. (Or something along those lines) I have been finding that as I loosen my soft tissues and open up the space so that they seem to let go of the bones thay my feeling of effort decreases and my frame seems supported by a buoyant force in the tissues. Is this wrong or is the other view from a collapsing perspective?

The arc of the spine must always be "behind" the arc of the supporting leg. What do you think? I thought this would be a more appropriate venue for this than the training journal.

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